Crisis management
& executive support



Our Business architect team will help you define your Goals, Objectives and Strategies by understand the pressures, opportunities, and constraints, to ensure the company is on the right path. Hereafter we will create a plan following your budget and timeline to implement those critical changes.

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When a company faces an unforeseen crisis, billions of dollars in market value can hang in the balance. Autopilot has helped manage some of the most high-profile crises for clients across industry groups and geographies. By helping clients prepare for the unexpected and respond quickly when trouble arises, Autopilot ultimately protects a company’s reputation and its permission to operate.

  • IT & Telecom
  • Communications & Entertainment
  • IMarketing & Communications
  • IFinancial & Professional Services
  • Construction and Architecture
  • Design & Engineering
  • Energy
  • Resources & Infrastructure

Specialized consulting services to help companies optimize operations, reduce risk, make informed decisions, and enhance value.